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An overview of the skills, languages and tools I've mastered


  • I use the JetBrains IDEs for coding
  • Google Chrome is my main browser, but I also use Firefox, Edge, Brave, Opera and even Internet Explorer to test websites
  • React is my front end Javascript library of choice.
  • To overcome the loose typing thing of JavaScript, I usually pair it with TypeScript!
  • For building production-ready websites, my favourite framework that extends React well is Next.js.
  • Building native applications for both Android and iOS is a very time-consuming task, so I use React Native!
  • For all kinds of machine learning and computer vision tasks, Python is my language of choice! Paired with TensorFlow and libraries like OpenCV or numpy , it's a powerful combination!


  • The Canon R7 is my camera of choice, at least at the moment
  • I use Adobe Lightroom for RAW development and simple image editing
  • I carry out more complex image processing in Adobe Photoshop


  • The Canon R7 is also ideal for filming
  • I use Adobe Premiere Pro for cutting and color grading
  • For compositings I use Adobe After Effects
  • Recently I also started using Davinci Resolve for editing, colour grading and compositing.


CPUIntel i7 13700k
GPUNvidia GeForce RTX 3070 Ti FE
MemoryGSkill 32GB DDR5
MotherboardGigabyte Z690
MonitorAOC 1920p 144Hz IPS & acer 1920p 60Hz TFT