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Marius Butz

Software Developer + Photographer, Videographer, and ML Engineer

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Open-source event ticket shop


Easily track your working time for different jobs/projects and record the distance travelled


Feature rich python application/package to blur/pixelate all or specific people in photos and videos

Hi there

My name is Marius and I’m currently working as a research assistant at Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences. My open-sourced projects mainly include front-end developing with some projects which additional include backend services. I started with coding at the age of 13 and began the studies of computer science in 2017. Now that I graduated with a Master of Science, I started my career as a research assistant at the university I studied at. If you’re interested in the tools and software I use check out my uses page.

In my spare time I like to sing, play video games or bouldering. If you have new projects we can work on together, feel free to drop me a line.

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Me standing in front of the Torii on Miyajima, an island off the coast of Hiroshima in Japan