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FlowTime is an app for android or iOS where you can store your working times and all the transports you used for you

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Overview of different functionalities of the app

The problem

Keeping track of hours worked and distance travelled can quickly become very difficult. If you have several employers, are self-employed or study on the side, it becomes even more complex. And since the distance travelled (per means of transport) can also be important, for example for the upcoming tax return, a lot of information has to be recorded.

Example of tracking working times
Export of recorded entries

The Solution

In addition to recording various employers and jobs, FlowTime also allows you to record your journey - for every possible mode of transport! So you can always see exactly how many kilometres you have travelled per day, week, month or year. The convenient export function allows you to export directly to Excel, CSV or various other formats, so you always have an overview of all your figures!